Guide to Winter Home Maintenance

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We all know that winter can pack a wallop on a person physically and can result in damage to one’s vehicle, as well, but you might not have realized how potentially dangerous winter can be for your home. Even in areas that have a relatively mild winter, such as the Lenoir, North Carolina area, it is wise to take care of a few critical winter home maintenance tasks if you want to avoid making a claim on your homeowners insurance.

you want to avoid making a claim on your homeowners insurance

  • Pipe and drain insulation- If the water in a pipe freezes, it can cause the pipe to burst, potentially resulting in a great deal of water damage. If it happens when you aren’t at home, such as on vacation, you may need mold remediation, as well. For these reasons, be sure to install pipe and drain insulation. Covering outdoor hose bibs is another wise idea.
  • Furnace maintenance- If your furnace fails, your home gets cold, potentially cold enough for the pipes to freeze. It won’t be very comfortable for you and your family either, so taking care of furnace maintenance is an important winter home maintenance task.
  • Propane tank refill and inspection- Propane tanks can be adversely affected by winter conditions, especially if they aren’t at least 20 percent filled. Be sure to inspect your propane tank for any signs of rust or other damage to avoid a fire or explosion.
  • Examine attic insulation- If you have inadequate attic insulation, the result can be ice dams that damage your roofing shingles and result in water damage and mold inside your home.
  • Clean the gutters- If you leave fallen leaves in the gutters, they can hold water, which then freezes, potentially resulting in damage to the gutters, as well as the roof.
  • Winterize pool- Everything from the pool itself to the pool equipment can become damaged by winter conditions if you don’t take the time to winterize your pool.
  • Inspect fireplace and chimney- If you plan to use your fireplace this winter as a backup, secondary, or primary source of heating, be sure that the fireplace and chimney are in good condition. Take care of having the chimney cleaned so that you don’t end up with a chimney fire from built-up creosote.

If you would like more tips for winter home maintenance or you would like to be sure that your home insurance policy is adequate for any problems that winter might cause at your home, reach out to us at All American Insurance Brokerage. We would be happy to help you better understand your home insurance policy and make any adjustments that might be needed.